A Few New Blogs

I have a few new blogs, which are probably to blame for my lack of posts here (well them and twitter).

If you’re into fashion:  Shiny Things

fashion tumblr

If you’re into Trailers: I Love Trailers

trailer shop

If  you’re into Weddings: Hipster Bride

wedding tumblr

And if you’re in to Babies (Kate): Hipster Baby

baby tumblr


2 Responses to A Few New Blogs

  1. Kate says:

    HA! I love babies… but only when I’m snuggling them and then eventually handing them back. I’m not anywhere near ready to be interested in baby things :)

    Hipster Bride on the other hand…. inspired by it all.

  2. Marissa says:

    How in the world do you have time for all this, you crazy girl?! Well, I’m impressed. See you next week.

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