A note from our sponsors…

We asked some of our friends to Seed Sponsor our Clothes Swap. What that means is, before the fist person even drops off their items…there will be handmade and designer items already in the swap just waiting for you Swappers to find them.

Here are some treasures that will be hidden within the July 31st Swap:


A handmade headband from Fig.


Handmade necklaces from The Refinery Boutique.

More items to come…


4 Responses to A note from our sponsors…

  1. fashionista says:

    great job on your headband. can you post an instruction on how it is being made? thanks a lot!

    thumbs up for the hardwork :)

  2. Ralph says:

    Can I show up at 8:00 Ilike to get aearly start???

  3. sara says:

    Cool blog. Amazing pics & great write ups.
    Please check out my blog at http://seraluxe.blogspot.com

  4. Daphné says:

    This headband is lovely!

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