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Life updates

Sometimes I forget I have this pretty little space to talk about what ever the heck I want.  I wonder if that means I’m officially over fashion blogging? Today we even went to a scenic place with no intentions of taking outfit photos…gasp! Ironically, it … Continue reading

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I’ve been known to get obsessed with some pretty weird things. But this is something I think you might be able to get behind…macrame! A few weeks ago, I came across the sweetest little macrame owl necklace at a yard sale. I couldn’t believe how much work went in … Continue reading


TXSC Recap

We are back from Texas with over 700 new photos to show you and where do I start…Instagram of course! This was my weekend in Instagram: We learned about a Worldwide Helium Shortage. Made a wall of totes. Hosted a … Continue reading

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Wednesday was all about the hustle and bustle of Boston holiday fun! Our morning was crazy at the Swap office. Our Cookie swap hasn’t even happend yet and World Swap Day planning is in full effect! We also launched the … Continue reading


Instant Weekend

Does anyone even take real photos anymore? I cant remember the last time I picked up a camera other then my iphone. This weekend Adam and I headed north for a mini vacation. We found this awesome new consignment shop … Continue reading


My life in an instant

I’m pretty sure half of the reason I paid the outrageous early upgrade fee on the iphone was because I was addicted to Instagram (the other half was because I was the only one in the office without our … Continue reading


Pet Models

Fashion is serious business. If you style photo shoots or ever shoot products you know that it takes hours to get that one shot that may or may not even be featured in the magazine or paper you are shooting … Continue reading

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Fun on the 4th

Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! Mine was filled with friends, family and fireworks. On Monday I had some of my buddies over (you might recognize some of them…or all of them) for a BBQ and we documented some … Continue reading


We Adopted

If we are Twitter friends you probably already know we welcomed a new family member in to our home last week he’s furry and he cuddles almost as much as Penny. I’m excited to finally have a name for this … Continue reading


New Orleans part 1

I’m still in New Orleans, it has been go go go over the last few days. I tried to take some photos along the way. It is hard when everything around you is so beautiful, you just want to take … Continue reading


Texas Style Panels

Sunday was the last day of the Texas Style Council Conference. It was an exciting and terrifying day for me. When Indiana asked me to moderate the Careers panel, I was super surprised. It’s funny how you dont realize the … Continue reading


In photos: Adam, Me, Stew, Jen and Kendi Despite what these photos say, working the entire weekends is really stressful and I am so BEAT! We ( just got home from sponsoring the Texas Style Council Conference in Austin, TX. Adam is only half done editing the … Continue reading


IFB @ Milk Studios

Last Thursday while in NYC I hit up the IFB Conference with Jen and Julie. It was good to catch up with old blogger friends and meet some new bloggers as well. I didn’t really learn to much at the … Continue reading


Poker Face

I’m in NYC for Fashion Week with Jen and Julie and guess who we saw in the Soho Chanel store today…Lady Gaga! She’s pretty much awesome at life and I took like 30 photos of her like a creep. As … Continue reading



I was up all night packing for our Swapaholic trip to L.A.  I should probably do some research and see whats hip there in fashion this week. My suitcase is filled with vintage sun dresses and rompers. I’m super excited for our Swap and … Continue reading