My attention span for online fashion community’s seems to be very limited. I remember back in 2005 Style Diary was the place to be, and then in 2006, I was all about Wardobe Remix, and last year I spent about 3 hours a day on Style Mob. But once I find a new one, I forget the old site ever existed.

Anywho, I’m trying a new one on for size. Chictopia the thing that stands out about this community is you can search for the people that are the same age, shape, style and size as you. No more sorting through pictures of 16 year olds wearing size 2 Hollister dresses…awesome.

If you are on any of these sites, we should be friends.


3 Responses to Chictopia

  1. Adiel says:

    Just added you on chictopia! :)

  2. diana says:

    I didn’t know Chictopia existed, I just signed up, it’s a cool idea to connect to others the same age etc.

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