Closet Cleanout Recap

Sunday’s Clothes Swap was a success! It was really exciting to spend the day with the talented and fabulous girl’s behind the Design Hive, Shoe String, MakeReady and Your Fairy Godshopper. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow Blogger’s Liana and Thais. The snow didn’t scare away the Boston swapping crowd with about 150 attendees. If you missed this swap and don’t want to miss another, you can subscribe to our RSS or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Boston Clothing Swap 004

clothing swap0018

clothing swap0010

clothing swap0003

Boston  Clothing Swap 018








18 Responses to Closet Cleanout Recap

  1. Debbie Boren says:

    What a great event! And a great cause! Thanks for hosting it and doing such a good job! The Design Hive was Fab, as well. Saw some great artisans and crafters!


  2. What an excellent event! I’d love to hear more details about how you put it together, how the event operated…

  3. Emily Anne says:

    Ohh jealous!! Looks cool.

  4. Morgan First says:

    The event was AWESOME! Congrats again! I was so blown away at how much stuff people brought and how nice everyone was while the grabbing and swapping was going down!

  5. Zori says:

    Hi, I have tagged you in my blog. Go there to see the rules!

  6. eyeliah says:

    Wow another success! I am planning my second (small gathering) swap! :-)

  7. Rainy says:

    Bah! That is WAY more shoes than at the Lucky Dog!!!

    We need another one soon- I’ve got a pile going already.

  8. Thais says:

    It was my pleasure to meet you and the super restyle team! My friends and I had a loot of fun, and I came back home with precious items. I posted some photos on my blog and although it is in portuguese (gotta report all the coolness to my Brazilian girls), you can definetely see how cute they all look. Thank you and see you next time :)

  9. jennine says:

    holy crap. that looks amazing and a little bit like heaven

  10. andy says:

    CREDIT CRUNCH CHIC!!! is the Internet’s biggest clothes swapping website. More than 3,000 new items are added every week. There’s currently loads of fab stuff to swap… inc. a gorgeous pair of Louboutin peep toes, a Marc Jacobs trench coat and a Roberto Cavalli evening dress… all for FREE!!! Have a sneaky peek at:

    Happy swapping! xxx

    p.s. Oh, and the site is free to use. Yey!

  11. A well organized and hugely successful event! It was fabulous to see so many women benefit from the quality and quantity of fashion. There was some great gear on trend.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    awesome event! thanks for putting it together!

  13. punky says:

    Thanks for coming everyone, and helping!

  14. waouh i love your page! I discover it early! you’re so lucky!
    have nice day!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Your blog is awesome & these photographs are so beautiful! ah, very lovely :)

    - if you would like to view my blog just e-mail me xoxox

  16. cassie says:

    omfg..this is heaven! look at those shoes!

  17. Anna Pope says:

    That looks like an amazing experience, I so wish I were there!

  18. When is the next swap in Wooosta?!!

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