DIY Feather Backdrop

My lovely new intern Claire and I have been busy playing around with visual merchandising at the shop. While I have no official training in this field. My two mobile shops have given me the design bug. I now love any chance I get to make a space beautiful. Hope you like our DIY!

-Sheet music
-Needle & Thread
-Curtain rod

I. Trace and cut your feathers from the sheet music (about 8 feathers per string will do)

II. Measure your string and snip! (We did about 8 feet each, stringing the needle in the middle and tying a knot with the two ends)

III. This knot will be your first ‘feather stopper’ so string your first feather
IV. Make another knot about 8inches above the lower feather and string your next feather
V. Continue this until your string is almost full of feathers, leaving enough room at the top to tie it to the curtain rod
VI. Viola! You’ve just made your first string of feathers. Continue until your rod is full enough to your liking.

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