Dragons Heart

At StArt on the Street on Sunday I acquired what could possibly the coolest piece of handmade jewelry I have ever seen. I’ve been on a accessory kick lately(OK, maybe a shoe kick also). As Kate and I were walking around the market discussing how its hard to find really unique jewelry. We stumbled on to the Dragons Heart booth. This whimsical booth was filled with some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen all season. I grabbed this chain mail bracelet and claimed it as my own in about  0.2 seconds. I think the people running the booth thought I was a crazy person, I was mumbling about fashion week and Sass and Bide. Maybe some of you will understand my love for chain mail.

Dragons Heart does not have a Etsy Store yet. But you can email them @dragonsheartchainmaille@yahoo.com


2 Responses to Dragons Heart

  1. Allicia says:

    Glad you like it! My mom’s boyfriend is the one that makes all this jewelry and my mom is the one that helped make some of the head displays. I believe he will have another booth set up at Start at the Station. After that if he still has a lot of jewelry leftover I’ll help set up an etsy store.

  2. punky says:

    let me know if you get the etsy shop set up, I would love to show all my friends.
    He should do the Design Hive market in Cambridge too!

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