Dress up, Artifaktori Style

Artifaktori’s Vintage Dress Up event was last night, I had spent the whole day working at the Design Hive, so I was really looking forward to some relaxing girl time. The dress up party was at Upstairs on the Square (which I am now in love with). Artifaktori even dressed the Jazz band that played last night. There was lots of vintage lover mingling, classy drinks and even more classy dancing, perfect end to a busy weekend.


6 Responses to Dress up, Artifaktori Style

  1. Amy says:

    Ooh this looks like such a great event! I love these pics and that jewelry is gorgeous!



  2. Thais says:

    It looks like you girls had fun! From a distance, I spotted a dress I liked. Third photo, first one on the rack. Who knows, maybe she didn’t sell that one yet? :)

  3. HazelAdam says:

    these looks nice…but i m gonna alter them to my choice from here..
    lets have fun!

  4. karily says:

    i like the music party“

  5. keyse says:

    after 2 nights of going out…i stayed in sunday night. looks like i missed a great event at my fav place

  6. Great looking in that style (in the music party).

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