The Modepass Traveling Project is back with Eple & Melk

You might remember last year twelve blogger’s doing a project with Modepass and Heimstone called the Traveling Jacket, where we mailed a single jacket around the world and styled and photographed the item ourselves. Well, we had so much fun Modepass is letting us do it again: Eple & Melk Traveling Jacket,

I have a funny story involving this jacket. The week I received it, it rained like crazy, there was one clear day that week and I already had tickets to the Blitzen Trapper show a hour away. I figured we could just find a cool place for a photo shoot along the way. Which we did, but that “cool place” turned out to be forbidden railway’s protected by the homeland security laws…Oops. By the time we convinced the police we were not terrorists, I didn’t have time to change and I had to wear this outfit to dinner and the concert ( FYI: acceptable attire for a Blitzen Trapper show is a dirty ironic tee shirt or plaid button down.)


Photos by: Kyle Mitchell

Wearing: Eple & Melk Jacket, Forever21 Skirt, Seychelles Shoes from, Vintage Shirt, Necklace and Chanel Purse.


18 Responses to The Modepass Traveling Project is back with Eple & Melk

  1. Beautiful look! Lovely as always!
    Always follow your blog.
    You are beautiful!


  2. punky says:

    Thanks sweets

  3. i love this outfit is very unique
    and you look so pretty!!!

  4. jennine says:

    you are so cute in it! LOVE the train tracks… you always find the best scenes.

  5. so great pictures!!!

  6. Kyle says:

    what you forgot to mention was you ran scared into the car while I nearly got my miranda rights read.

  7. pemora says:

    wait…where did you get your headband from?

  8. Ralph Chase says:

    Nice to see my little girl all grow up and in the news !!!! BUT I was wishing it was NOT on a police mug shot… And I told you your friend came from the wrong side of the the tracks. Love dad.

  9. punky says:

    Oh My God!!

    My Dad learned how to use the internet without my help.

    I’m impressed, I just shed a tear.

  10. punky says:

    Kyle, My dad just made fun of you on the internet….awesome.

  11. angela says:

    so wait what about the cops?

  12. Kyle says:

    I’m not so certain your dad actually realizes I’m your boyfriend. And I’m not from the wrong side of the tracks.

  13. Anna Pope says:

    You looked great :)

  14. alice says:

    wow, what an amazing outfit, it’s strange how every one wears it differently!

  15. Jess says:

    Great photos-are you at the Tunnel Bar in the last two?

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  17. Kate says:

    I used these pictures (the bottom one anyways) to explain what a skinny hipster boy is…. awesome

  18. jihanemo says:

    Love the shoes! Where do you fiiind that stuff?

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