Etsy helps you shop for Facebook friends

Etsy, Neat Feature

Etsy recently released thisĀ neat feature just in time for holiday shopping.
“The Gift Ideas for Facebook Friends tool gives shopping for friends and family a new twist by connecting with Facebook to find gift ideas based on their public profile information. When you connect to Facebook using Gift Ideas, Etsy can suggest items to you related to the likes and interests of your Facebook friends”

I tested it out with some of my friends profiles and it seems to work pretty good, even if I didn’t like the items they suggested it did give me some other good ideas.
Try it out here.

Etsy, Neat Feature

Etsy, Neat Feature


7 Responses to Etsy helps you shop for Facebook friends

  1. Miss Neira says:

    Oh thats super cooL! I didnt know that.. great idea and thanks for sharing this!

    Miss Neira

  2. jessica says:

    i love etsy… and it just keeps getting better!!! this is so awesome!

  3. Marissa says:

    Great idea. Now if only my mom were on facebook! She is impossible to shop for.

  4. holly says:

    Such a cool feature! I need to try this out immediately.

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  6. Woah! It actually had some good ideas for my sister! (After I’d weeded out the Twilight paraphernalia)! Unfortunately the people I’m really stumped over weren’t available for some reason, pfff.

  7. I love it. Thanks for the idea and sharing with us. Thanks for this post.

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