Haberdash 2!

The Haberdash family is growing! I’ve been secretly working on our second mobile shop!

When I found out our retail shop, Crompton Collective, wouldn’t be ready to open till September.  I decided to take on a summer project!  You can now shop the Haberdash Bus! Her nickname is B.B., because she is the little bohemian sister of The Haberdash.  I curated this shop to be a little bit hippie and a little bit rock and roll, inspired by my mom and late stepdad. You can find us at SoWa Open Market soon!  And as always if you would like us to roll up to your event, shoot me an email!


3 Responses to Haberdash 2!

  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my god! It’s even better than I thought it could be!!!! Awesome job:)

  2. lei ann says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! love the little bus! it’s just as adorable as hab #1 :) btw….WHAT is that pink floral kimono thingy hanging in the front in the first pic??? want!

  3. Kate says:

    Oh man! Remember when you got Alfie and you sent out adoption notices…. this is even better!! Congrats on your new addition love.

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