Happy Birthday Penny

I am in New Orleans this week to hosting a event with my friend Rachel. It is Penny’s 2nd Birthday today and its killing me to be so far away from her (crazy dog lady… I know). So after looking at hundreds of photos of her today, I thought i’d share some. Happy Birthday my pup.

hat 053

pen 025

Savers 055

vt 001

vt 017

vt 050

outfits 073


5 Responses to Happy Birthday Penny

  1. Jamie says:

    The one in the basket is absolutely adorable! not that all of them aren’t….she is painfully cute.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Happy Birthday Penny!! Don’t give your mom a hard time now that you’re a teenager…(in dog years, that is!!)

  3. Brandi says:

    Happy Birthday! I have a teeny tiny pup (minature pinscher) named Penny too! I’d venture to guess yours is much better behaved than mine though ;) And no dog-lady judgments from me, I get…I swear she is like half my soul!

  4. Chun says:

    is that a rat terrier ? …… so cute !!

  5. punky says:

    yes, she is. <3

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