Heart Garland Cards

I’ve been browsing Pinterest for cute DIY Valentines that I could make this year. So when I saw Jen’s heart garland tutorial yesterday, I knew my cards were going to be some sort of garland (incase you didn’t notice i’m obsessed). I don’t own an iron, so I grabbed these packages of heart doilies for 2 bucks. Using the embroidery thread and envelopes I had in my craft box, I made 8 valentines for $2. Cant beat that!

DIY Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland

P.S If my valentine could act surprised when I hand him the blue valentine, that would be great!


3 Responses to Heart Garland Cards

  1. That’s really adorable! And so easy to make, super cute and easy :) Lovely blog, I loveee finding diy’s especially when they’re not like expert level and completely not do able by people who aren’t master crafters. haha

  2. AH! I love this idea! Its so easy and pretty! Definitely doing this next year!!!


  3. WOW! They are just lovely.

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