I managed to get a picture of the $5 headboard without showing you how messy my bedroom was (click to enlarge).

97 004

I have had the most productive day, The little old lady across the street had a yard sale and wouldn’t you know, she was selling all her vintage shoes and purses. It was like waking up in your biggest fantasy. I spent the whole morning over there listening to the story behind the clothes like the black peeptoe sling backs that she wore out dancing with her husband on new years eve in 1980. She even had all her shoes in the original boxes (she is pretty much my hero).

After that I came home and decided storing my vintage items in my basement was not really working for me anymore. Kyle offered to move his office into the spare bedroom so I could have a room for myself (this is why I love him). Then operation Punky’s Vintage Headquarters went in to play. I spent the rest of the day moving furniture and pulling clothes out of storage to put them on display like they deserve to be. With the tripod, light kit, clothing racks and computer all on the same floor it will make updating the Etsy store a piece of cake (Mmm cake).

I snapped a quick picture of headquarters in progress.

Punky's Vintage Headquarters

If you want to see some of the items from the yard sale you can do so here and here.


2 Responses to H.Q.

  1. punky says:

    That’s your biggest fantasy. I really don’t know about you.


  2. That lady sounds awesome.
    The headboard is cool. What will you paint it? I’m thinking torquoise. I like the lamp too, although it looks dangerous!
    Dog is cute, and your vintage loot was a good haul!

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