I Just Dyed In Your Arms Tonight

I’m still obsessed with tie dye, I did this nightgown and sweatshirt a few weeks ago because I never wore them, now I wear them all the time.

I think im going a put a few of the circle Scarfs in the Etsy store. Stay tuned.


8 Responses to I Just Dyed In Your Arms Tonight

  1. Eyeliah says:

    Very cool, I hope to try my hand at that one if these days. :-) The slip is so gorgeous.

  2. b says:

    aww, you have the best style

  3. angela says:

    i like the one on the left
    you should make one for your favorite cousin with green hair =]

  4. jihanemo says:

    Rad hoodie!

  5. BECCA says:

    Oh! Who makes the shoes you’re wearing in the picture on the left?

  6. punky says:

    Seychelles, They were a press gift from http://www.solestruck.com/

  7. B says:

    Oh my gosh that is exactly the tie dye that I want to do! I want to make this dress… because really 200 for that simple of a design?


    I think I could save 160 and make it. I just don’t know how to tie dye. Any recommendations?

  8. ediot says:

    these pictures are really beautiful and i love the outfits-well done tie-dye btw!

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