In the dunes of the cape…

While I'm away I'll write home everyday
I’m heading to Dennisport for a mini vacation. Blogging will commence full force Monday, my laptop should be back by then (fingers crossed). Now excuse me while I make room in my car for all the vintage goodies Cape Cod church sales have to offer.

While I’m away please check in with my local friends:
The Back Story
The Snail and the Cyclops
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2 Responses to In the dunes of the cape…

  1. Poster Girl says:

    I hope you enjoy your trip and have fun!

  2. effie says:

    I hope you’re enjoying your trip! I was at a flea market this past weekend with Sarah and we thought we saw you! But it wasn’t actually you. Shucks! But, Stuff@Night comes out in 13 days, I’m excited!!

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