Instagram tips for Small Business


After speaking to Worcester Magazine last week, Boston Business Journal last Summer and helping a couple of my vendors set up profiles this weekend. I was inspired to put together a few Instagram tips for small business owners.

Instagram tips for Small Business

Complete your profile: this is the best place to leave a first impression. Your place to define who you are, what you do and how people can find you. Leave a link to your facebook page or website and an address! If you intrigued them, they will want more information about you. Don’t give them a dead end.

Find your customers: search for people already talking about your business or your field. Find people in your city (#worcester) or people that share your interest (#antiques). These are your potential customers. Find them, follow them and engage them.

Make your captions count: they make you stand out and let your personality shine through, keep it short, funny and use appropriate hashtags.

Be engaging: tag others, talk to others, check in to other businesses, use your location. Adding layers to your posts give people a better feel for who you are and spreads a little Instagram karma.

Use your location: If you are selling items select a location where your items are sold! This is a tool that a lot of business forget to use. Which is to bad  because it launches a map with directions to get people right to your door.

Be consistent but not spammy: post frequently, but not to frequently (if that makes sense). Consistency keeps your followers engaged. Depending on the type of business you run, 2-3 posts a day is a good limit ! If you have quality material, share it…just spread it out!

Keep it creative: it’s not enough to post a picture, post a pretty, inspiring, bold, funky picture! Or else it’s still just a picture!

Be unique: much like my advice for Facebook. I think you should showcase what no one else can. Give your followers a behind the scenes look in to the daily workings of your business. Document YOUR work, show off YOUR quirky moments, and tell YOUR filter-filled story.

Have any tips that have worked well for you? We would love for you to share them!

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