Ladies in the place with style and grace

If you attended the Canal District Swap their is a good chance you took our map and headed over to Alexis Grace Consignment. Before Alexis Grace opened I remember driving down Harrison street and dreaming about opening my own store in that very space. Tin ceilings and original hardwoods are very rare in the retail world. Knowing how much potential that store front had I was almost nervous going in their the first time. However the owners did not disappoint, the store has a beautiful layout and it was filled with quality clothing and even some handmade and vintage items.

If you would like to check out Alexis Grace it is located at 7 Harrison St. Worcester, MA.


9 Responses to Ladies in the place with style and grace

  1. Vanessa says:

    Love Alexis Grace Consignment! Every time I drop off things to sell I wind up buying.

  2. KIRAFASHION says:

    wow! I love the accessories so much! They really do a
    great job!

  3. Wow, love the woven purse in the top image. It has an elegance about it that will never allow for this beauty to go out of style. The natural colours would make any gold jewellery that you happen to be wearing really pop.

  4. S says:

    hey, sweet blog. can i subscribe thru RSS? i can’t find a link for it anywhere….

  5. Leah says:

    I check your website often–and what a wonderful surprise to see us featured there! You are the best. Seriously. Better than Hammerpants and high waisted jumpsuits, floral dresses and sequin shirts shaped like butterflies–better than all of them combined!

  6. the last bags are so wicked cool, i want them!!!


  7. Bench says:

    wow nice website!i randomly found it on a list of fashion blogs..

  8. kimvee says:

    I really like that dress. You always shop at the best places :)

  9. Sushi says:

    That dress is gorgeous x Sushi

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