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Sometimes I forget I have this pretty little space to talk about what ever the heck I want.  I wonder if that means I’m officially over fashion blogging? Today we even went to a scenic place with no intentions of taking outfit photos…gasp! Ironically, it seems like the more interesting life gets the less we blog about it.

So here are some photos of my non-blogger life:

Iphone photos of our Newport RI day date.

Photos of my shop that is really coming along! I’m having fun talking to all the antique dealers and vendors. I think they can tell how long I’ve wanted this and are getting excited too!

Haberdash is rocking and rolling this year! I cant believe this is our 4th season in business and we are still meeting new people at every event!

and Penny is still adorable.

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  1. Katelin says:

    Love Newport! Hopefully heading there for their Oktoberfest Event!

    Can’t wait to see Crompton Collectives! It looks fantastic so far!! :-)

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