Look for less


I know a bunch of people have been coveting that high waist skirt from the Lauren Conrad Collection that is not available yet. If you are one of those people Old Navy has this one that is very similar. I bought it in plain black in the store (I couldn’t find it online). Just make sure you buy it two sizes smaller so it fits at the waist and not the hips. I’ll post a picture of mine soon.

American Apparel one as well, but it’s not as cute.

If you missed the preview of The Hills you catch it here.


8 Responses to Look for less

  1. charlie says:

    i actually owned the aa skirt one since last summer, it may be not as cute in black but if you get it in any other it will be fine.

  2. punky says:

    yeah, They are better in color.

  3. style.street says:

    i love high waisted skirts but lauren’s are just so short!

  4. Fashion Ivy says:

    Oh thanks for letting us know. I’ve been coveting that skirt for a while.

  5. Great post!!!! I love your blog and it’s soo organized. I would love to do a link exchange with you, so when you have the time please contact me about it!

  6. eboogie says:

    yay punky your are the girl…I have been scouring for a skirt like this, on my way to old navy…thanks =)

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