I’ve been known to get obsessed with some pretty weird things. But this is something I think you might be able to get behind…macrame! A few weeks ago, I came across the sweetest little macrame owl necklace at a yard sale. I couldn’t believe how much work went in to making this tiny little owl necklace, so I decided to do a little pinterest research and found this and this! Instantly intrigued and headed over to Etsy to see what the crafters of today are doing with this age old art form. These were my five favorites finds (click to open):

Tempted to try a little macrame diy? Etsy has a bunch of cute vintage books on how to macrame. I personally love the hammock diy, but that’s way out of my league!



2 Responses to Macrame

  1. These are gorgeous!!

  2. Nadine Noire says:

    Simply amazing:)

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