Neon Night

Once you get out of the routine of taking outfit photos, the process feels really silly. We have a house full of fancy photo equipment and live a block away from the cutest little pond and I am on the back porch with a point and shoot, hoping none of the neighbors see me. Maybe having Julie in the Swap office will ease me back in to outfit posts. Till then:



Wearing: Loft shirt, F21 skirt, Vintage bag, jewelry and shoes.


5 Responses to Neon Night

  1. lissy says:

    Oh I can relate, I have a tripod set up in my living room. Once, only once, did I dare to take it out to the sidewalk and I just felt oh so silly!

  2. Holly says:

    Love these two prints together! and perfect colors too :)

  3. Kristen says:

    Um, I totally hear you on the embarrassment of outfit photos. People wonder, who is this lone woman taking photos of herself in a public place?? Isolated spots in parks are my best friend! Also, I adore this top. Nice print mixing!

  4. That top! GORG! That skirt… AMAZING!!!

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