New to me.

If you’ve noticed the lack of “recent purchase” posts lately, its because I’ve been saving my penny’s for a very monumental purchase. Some day soon I will explain, but for now I’m off to Myrtle Beach for the week for a little R&R.

Linnea from Linnea Dates will be filling in for me. And if you guys love her maybe she will consider being a permanent contributer to Just make sure she keeps it P13 around here, my little sister (Hi Sam) reads this.

look what i won on style mob


0709 002

0709 001



0909 016


0909 015

0909 013


0909 012


7 Responses to New to me.

  1. Linneadates says:

    What isn’t PG with fashion…I could think of a few things. :evil:
    Oh and I need the password…

  2. samantha says:

    hi amy !!! thats ok if it isnt pg13!:mrgreen:

  3. I really like the Black/white shoes, they’re adrorable..

  4. Aarika says:

    I loooooove the gray bag. And the last two pairs of shoes, I’m dying for a pair of boots just like those! :mrgreen:

  5. i lost out on a pair of brogues like the blk and white ones on ebay…they ended up going for $134 or something ridic like that. ahhhhh, booties and bags. can never get enough. NEVER

  6. give_a_hoot says:

    I love the grey bag!!!

  7. Hexfire says:

    The black and white shoes are super nice, going to have to find a pair of those.

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