Next Swap

We are bringing back Worcesters largest Clothes Swap. If you thought swapping was fun, imagine swapping and shopping for antiques, designer clothing and vintage items all in the same neighborhood.

We will be inviting the guys to join in on the Swap fun with a Mens Tee Shirt Swap. So hang on to those “Your mom goes to college” shirts for one more month guys.

Canal District Clothes Swap

Saturday, August  22nd, 11am – 3:00pm

Where: 138 Green Street/ Crompton Place

Drop-off 11-12pm
* Bring a bag of clothing, accessories or shoes you’re ready
to part with, making sure they’re in excellent condition (think quality not quantity).

Canal District Tour
*We will provide you with a map of the new boutiques and restaurants
in the Canal District offering special deals for swappers.

Swap from 1-3 pm
* Swapping starts @ 1:00pm
Whatever you can carry out. No cash, no transactions, no worries!
* If you didn’t bring a bag of clothes but want to participate in the
swap, you can buy a reusable bag and fill it up for $10 (net proceeds
benefit a local charity)
* All remaining clothes will be donated to a local charity.

RSVP here.


2 Responses to Next Swap

  1. Aislinn says:

    Oh no, I won’t be back in Boston until the end of the month. So sad I’ll miss it, I’ve been holding onto all my stuff to swap. Oh well, next one I guess. Have fun!

  2. Veronica says:

    MOST excellent

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