Oscar Tweet Up

Quick pictures from the Oscar Tweet Up, which was my first visit to a Speakeasy.  Shoestring and Fafarazzi sure know how to throw a party. I wish I could get all dressed up to watch TV and play on Twitter every night.

The official pictures are here.


16 Responses to Oscar Tweet Up

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love your blog as well as your shop!!

    I bought the mink wrap from you today, I can’t wait to receive it!!!!

  2. kyle says:

    no mention of photographer. Ouch.

  3. punky says:

    Ooops, Sorry Kyle.

  4. Amy says:

    You look great!

  5. pemora says:

    your outfit was so amazing!

  6. Will W. W. says:

    Now don’t you purty little things look cute.
    Just like little plastic Barbie Dolls.

  7. punky says:

    Well, it was Barbie’s 51st birthday yesterday. So maybe we were celebrating.

  8. Galyn says:

    that lipstick is perfect!

  9. Will W. W. says:

    Good answer!

    You’re the best!

  10. Will W. W. says:

    Wait a sec… what about GI Joe?

  11. Will W. W. says:

    … ain’t day cousins like?

  12. amy says:

    ah, looks like more fun than watching it at home! you guys look great :)

  13. punky says:

    Amy, you should have come!!

  14. Nicole says:

    so cute. you guys look so fabulous. and the photog is awesome too. :)

  15. i love watching GI Joe, both the cartoon series and the movie. I am hoping that they would make a sequel. ‘

  16. Would there be a sequel to the last G.I. JOE movie? iron man has a sequel already. :

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