I was up all night packing for our Swapaholic trip to L.A.  I should probably do some research and see whats hip there in fashion this week. My suitcase is filled with vintage sun dresses and rompers. I’m super excited for our Swap and also for some sweet flea market trips. Melissa and I are staying in Beverly Hills…not to shabby for a “work trip”!

Did you LA girls get your tickets yet?


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  1. Melissa says:

    Uh oh…seems like the jury is on rompers, and I don’t own one! Think my strategy is going to be pack my suitcase full of stuff I’m going to swap — save my outfit for the day of the swap (and underwear. silly.) — and then cross my fingers there’s a bunch of super awesome LA-worthy stuff in my size. Crazy, or awesome?

  2. Ralph says:

    HI ,Best to check the weight ! now they charge over 25 or 50 lbs , Yes Amy Amy that’s 50 lbs not 500 lbs. Try to wear lots of cloths on to the plane !! Security gate B-11… have Fun , Ralph

  3. chantele says:

    I love clothes swaps, wish I could come. All those items look great fun!

  4. darlyn says:

    I really love vintage dress too, take care for your trip to L.A.


  5. Rose says:

    HEY lady! It was sooo good to meet you today! I loved your event! please please bring it back west asap! And let me know how i can help in any way. Check out my blog in the next day or so and I’ll post up lots of pics. I made out with a lot of great stuff. Thanks again! Loved the swap!!!


  6. Henna says:

    the dresses are simply amazing. the fabric and the cuts are so good that they can be work party as well as casual places, i really liked the way they look

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