Worcester’s next Clothing Swap

worcester clothing swap

The Swapaholics are bringing back Worcester’s largest Clothing Swap!

If you thought swapping was fun, imagine swapping and shopping for antiques, art, designer clothing, and vintage items all in the same neighborhood. And, to meet the demands of our swappers we are now adding a section for Baby, Kids’ & Maternity Clothes!

Canal District Clothing Swap & Shop
Saturday, May 19th
11:00am – 2:00pm
138 Green Street aka Crompton Place
$5 with clothes to swap, $10 empty handed (cash only)

11am to 12:30pm
* Bring a 5-10 items of clothing, accessories or shoes you’re ready
to part with, making sure they’re in excellent condition (think quality not quantity).

Canal District Self Guided Map Tour
11am to 1pm
*We’ll provide you with a map of all the boutiques & restaurants in the Canal District who are offering special deals for swappers.
(Alexis Grace and Blackstone Vignette is offering 10% to all our swappers!)

* Be on time, the good stuff goes FAST!!!
* If you didn’t bring a bag of clothes but want to participate in the swap, you can buy a reusable bag from us and fill it up for $10

Everything left over at the end of the swap (2pm) goes to benefit Goodwill of Massachusetts in Worcester.


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DIY: Colored Hair Tips

When we were in Austin my friend Julie had just picked up some cool Hair Chalk to try during Texas Style Council. As you can see, it worked awesome on her hair but I was worried my hair would be to dark and didn’t feel like wasting the $12. So when I saw this chalk pack on sale at the craft store, I decided to give it a go!

DIY: Colored Hair Tips

DIY: Colored Hair Tips
I used the Nicole brand Chalk Pastels from ACMoore Crafts Store: 36 colors for $5
DIY: Colored Hair Tips

DIY: Colored Hair Tips

Wet small section of hair and rub with wax pastel to get desired amount of color:

DIY: Colored Hair Tips

Let dry, then set color with a curling iron and it washes out the next day!


2012 Calender of Swaps

We are super excited to announce our calendar of Clothing Swaps! That’s right, we are swapping in Boston, once a month for the rest of the year! The Swapaholics have always wanted to have a home base for our events but, we never found the perfect match. That changed when we discovered 40Berkeley in the Southend! We instantly fell in love with their beautiful courtyard and the buildings vintage charm. We never wanted to leave…so we didn’t. Save the dates!

boston clothing swap

P.S. Tickets are already half sold out for our April Clothing Swap event, so hurry on over!

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Photo Progression

vt 043

Last night, while I was trying to get my digital life organized, I realized there was a progression to my outfit photos. I was surprised at how far I’ve come with outfit photos on this blog. It feels really good that this site has been such a huge influence on growing and developing my creative side.

The growing process:
2005 -2006 I only took photos indoors, most with my head cropped out.
2007 I started to take the photos in better light, mostly outdoors in my backyard.
2008-2009 I started to seek out pretty locations purposely to take a nice photo.
2010 I started to lean more towards editorial photos, where the landscape and photographer is just as important as the outfit.

Here are some of my favorites of this learning progress, from a trip Vermont in 2009.

Penny for your thoughts?

Benson, vt

vt 108

vt 109

vt 042

vt 092

vt 115


Spring Shopping Fling

Haberdash Mobile Shop

Spring Shopping Fling
with Haberdash Vintage and ReStore

Join us for the spring opening of Haberdash Vintage, with a gift card scavenger hunt with ReStore, Food Trucks, Kona Ice Truck and Face Painting for the little ones, all to benefit Habitat for Humanity.

May 5th (Rain Date May 12th)

11 Distributor Rd
Worcester MA

About ReStore:
ReStore is a retail outlet that sells quality, gently-used and surplus construction, home improvement materials, and home furnishings for a fraction of regular retail prices. Proceeds from these sales support Habitat’s home build projects!

About Haberdash Vintage:
Haberdash is America’s first mobile vintage shop. Selling handmade and vintage items on the go from a 1950′s classic caravan.

About Kona Ice:
Kona Ice of Worcester, Is a mobile delight that serves up delicious tropical shaved ice throughout Worcester and surrounding communities.

Goulds Hot Dog Truck:
A food truck serving delicious gourmet hot dogs in the Worcester area.

RSVP on Facebook and please share with your Worcester friends!

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DIY Tattoo Eggs

DIY easter egg tattoo

Last week I repined this Easter Egg DIY to our Pinterest board, thinking that would be cute if I had temporary tattoo paper laying around. Then this morning while unpacking our swap supplies from Texas I found a stack of our Swap is the new Shop tattoos and decided to give it a try. This might have been the easiest DIY ever since I had the tattoos on hand. But, these would be really cute if you made made them in photoshop for Easter with your guest names on them.

DIY easter egg tattoo

DIY easter egg tattoo

DIY easter egg tattoo

Purchase your temporary tattoo paper and design your images or type out the names you want to print in a Microsoft Word document, resizing each to fit on an egg. Print the images on tattoo paper, cut them out, and apply to hard boiled eggs with a wet cloth.

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DIY Flower Crown

DIY Flower Headband

Without fail, every time spring rolls around all I want to do is prance around in flowered dresses with flowers in my hair. So that’s exactly what I do! I made a little flowered headband DIY so you can too! Not into crafts? Thats ok! These headbands will be available in The Haberdash this spring! DIY instructions below the photos!

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband

Materials: Bushels of silk flowers from Michael’s, aluminum floral wire (green or brown), scissors, floral tape, wire cutters and a free 25 min.

DIY Flower Headband

DIY Flower Headband
Pick your colored wire, mesure and cut and bend in to a circle that fits your head. Use wire to connect ends and cover the wire with floral tape.

DIY Flower Headband
Cut the flowers off the stems.

DIY Flower Headband
Use the floral tape to attach the flowers randomly along the wire. Need more help, hit me up!


Shop Girl

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to run my own business. I have had hundreds of business ideas over the years (Hamster Farm, probably wasn’t my best one). I thought that opening The Haberdash Mobile Shop would be an exciting enough venture to hold me over for years. But in our 4th year of attending markets, music festivals and private partys, I cant stop day dreaming of permanent homebase. A place in a local neighborhood, where our friends could stop in anytime. A place where I can spend late nights building unique displays and decorating beautiful windows that will inspire people who pass by. I have the Shop Girl bug.

Recent inspiration:

Source: bizbash.com via Amy Lynn on Pinterest


Source: thriftcore.com via Seed on Pinterest

Source: google.com via My on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Naina on Pinterest


What I Wore

On Friday I had a bunch of meetings for the Haberdash in town. So I was up early and dressed, which is a pretty rare occasion when I work from home. I also stopped to get my Passport for our upcoming cruise to Nova Scotia. Has anyone ever been, I would love to hear about it. I dont think I’m a cruise person, so this should be interesting.
punkystyleoutfit 15

punkystyleoutfit 13

punkystyleoutfit 12

punkystyleoutfit 17

punkystyleoutfit 5

punkystyleoutfit 11

punkystyleoutfit 19
Wearing: Marc Jacobs Bag, Gap Jeans, TJMaxx Top, LC Blazer, Vinage/friendship bracelets, MIA Shoes.

Photos: Adam Towner


No Time to DIY: Garland

The number one photo pinned from my blog lately has been the DIY Bunting that I made for Julie’s Wedding. The number 1 comment of the people repining that photo was “I wish I had time to make this”. At first I thought, I will make everyone one and send it to them. Then I remembered it took me days to make one for Julie and there was over 600 re-pins of it. So my second thought was…maybe I should just show everyone where they can buy cute handmade ones online. Ta Da!

Shiny Garland

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Garland

burlap bunting
Burlap Bunting

Mod Party Garland

fabric garland
Fabric Garland

Cat Garland

road trip garland
Road Trip Garland


DIY: Doily Wall Art

I recently moved from the most girly of all white vintage cottages into a bachelor pad of sorts. I like to think all of Adam’s walls were bare and just waiting for me to come along and plaster all sorts of girly crap on them. YUP…im sure thats what exactly what he was doing.

I’ve had this collection of vintage doilies laying around, and I toyed with the idea of making this DIY lamp or DIY Doily Table Runner, but never got around to it. Over the weekend I thrifted these crochet pillow and thought maybe some wall art would work.

DIY: Doily Wall Art

DIY: Doily Wall Art

DIY: Doily Wall Art

DIY: Doily Wall Art

DIY: Doily Wall Art

How to:
Collect doilies.
Spray with fabric stiffener. 
Arrange the pattern you like and hang with tacks or tape (with a brand that wont harm your paint).


Silver Buffalo Gallery

One of my favorite Features on this blog has always been the “Must See Shop” section. As a local business owner, I know how important word of mouth is. So when I am blown away by a shop, I want to make sure everyone knows about it!

The Silver Buffalo Gallery was introduced to me by the Seed to Stem girls and I immediately fell in love with everything on their Facebook page.

With over twenty years experience in the Southwest Jewelry and Arts business. The Silver Buffalo Gallery carries a broad range of one of a kind contemporary and traditional artist with styles that both vintage and modern jewelry lovers would drool over. They also craft their own quality jewelry on site (I watched!). As if that wasn’t enough, the shop is also filled with Native American style gifts. There were walls of Pendleton bags and blankets and handmade horse hair bracelets that are hugely popular this year. I know my Boston friends are impossible to drag out of the city,  but this shop woud make the perfect sunday drive, 45 minutes down the pike and you will feel like your in a different world. Seriously, they have their own horse at the shop too!

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

Silver Buffalo Gallery

The Silver Buffalo Gallery is located at 23 Coburn Rd. Berlin, MA
Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6/ Sun 12-5 (Closed Tuesdays)


Swap Lulus Texas

This blog has become the behind the scenes of whatever im posting over at The Swapaholic’s blog. But, I have a feeling this will quickly change after it gets it’s facelift that JSGD is working on! For now, these are my favorite moments from our trip to Texas as sponsors of the Texas Style Council Conference. Bazinga!

photo 1

Trying to stuff all our luggage in our Chevy Sonic (BTW That car was a SXSW life saver. Thank you Chevy)!

photo 2

First stop…food trucks!

Austin Goodwill

We would never miss a Thank Goodwill it’s Friday.

Austin Goodwill

Jen and Julie hanging out at Goodwill
TXSC Swap 11

Our Swaplulus event was a huge hit!

TXSC Swap 13

Elissa talking to a production crew.

TXSC Swap 28

TXSC Swap 31

TXSC Day 1 9

Indiana, me, Melissa, Jessie
TXSC Party 11

Julie and I

TXSC Party 10

Kendi, Jen, Me and Merl


Adam and I


Indi and I

TXSC Party 19

Airstream Photobooth.

TXSC Party 23


TXSC Party 21

TXSC Party 11


Like this photo…the weekend was kinda a blur, but my favorite part was the down time that we got to spend with our friends and Indiana’s sweet family.

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Greetings from Austin

We were in Austin for 5 days and 4 and a half of those days, it poured buckets. I have been looking forward to this trip all year long, and the weather was so disheartening. All I wanted to do was frolic in the sunshine, find awesome vintage clothing,  host an amazing swap and eat every meal at a food truck.  Only one of those things happened. I guess there is always next year!

This is what I wore to the TXSC Conference the last day of our trip:

TXSC Outfits 25

TXSC Outfits 24

TXSC Outfits 21

TXSC Outfits 19

Photos: Adam Towner

Dress: Anthropologie, Boots: Haberdash Vintage, Headband: Free People, Jewelry: Vintage


TXSC Recap

We are back from Texas with over 700 new photos to show you and where do I start…Instagram of course! This was my weekend in Instagram:

The "worldwide helium shortage" is no laughing matter! #txsc
We learned about a Worldwide Helium Shortage.

kinda proud of this display! #txsc #sxsw #swaplulus
Made a wall of totes.

Texas loves swapping! #txsc
Hosted a super successful clothing swap with Lulus.com

It was our first photobooth... Oops
Found a photobooth in a VW Van.

Making rainbows at @austingoodwill! #txsc #sxsw
Took it upon myself to brighten up Austin Goodwill.

It's nice having the night off! #txsc
Spent time catching up with adorable ladies.

Airstream photobooths makes me miss @thehaberdash
Fell even more in love with trailers.

What I'm wearing today at #txsc
Wore a dress, even though, I wanted to wear pajamas.

@ticktockvintage and @orchidgrey panel! #txsc
Watched panel after panel of cute bloggers.

Greetings from Austin. I
And found the “Post Card” wall.

The real recap will be up tomorrow!

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