Recent Purchases

Alex and Chloe

Gold Bamboo Hoops

Old Navy

Penny Loves Kenny

The Krzr (in white)


7 Responses to Recent Purchases

  1. alex says:

    wow that first necklace was great! and ive been meaning to get to old navy for those new dresses they have! :grin:

  2. punky says:

    The dresses are cute…but i always wear my over jeans and it looked bulky, i guess ill have to wait till summer to wear it.

  3. Suzy says:

    Must.have.that.necklace. I forgot about Alex & Chloe. I need to have a fundraiser.

  4. punky says:

    I have wanted that necklace for a year now. so I figured if i haven’t forgot about it by now..I must really love it.:smile:

  5. Suzy says:

    Yep, it’s destined to be around your neck.

  6. punky says:

    couldn’t agree more:mrgreen:

  7. glenda says:

    I couldnt find that chanel logo necklace anywhere!!
    p.s. you are a true fashionista! Thank you

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