Restore Recap

How did I forget to post these photos from our mobile shop event with Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore?
I had so much fun hanging out at the ReStore for the day with The Haberdash. If you visited, I hope you found some cool items for your home or closet and learned a little about Habitat for Humanity and the lovely things they do! I plan to partner with them again soon! So if you want to keep in touch, follow them on Facebook! Also…big thanks to the Kona Truck and Goulds Hots Dogs for keeping us well fed!

Haberdash at ReStore
photo 4

Haberdash at ReStore

Haberdash at ReStore

Haberdash at ReStore

Haberdash at ReStore

Haberdash at ReStore

Our next Haberdash Mobile Shop event is this Sunday at StArt on the Street in Worcester! See you there!


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  1. Jose fonseca says:

    boy I can’t find words Thank you.

  2. Jose fonseca says:

    Hi just checking your site.

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