Salem and Iris Apfel

On Friday night my girlfriends and I trekked up to Salem to check out Iris Apfel Rare Bird Of Fashion exhibit at the Essex Museum and grab dinner at Rockefeller. It was really inspiring to see someone getting recognized for being original. The collection was amazing and full of all the things I love. Cameras were not allowed but I may have snuck a few shots for you. Rebel.

Thais, Morgan, Melissa and I


6 Responses to Salem and Iris Apfel

  1. cassie says:

    Looks amazing! THAT loepard coat!!!

  2. punky says:

    that coat is dreamy…

  3. Alana says:

    How fun!

  4. Thais says:

    such an awesome collection of amazing coats, dresses and can we say BRACELETS? huge ones!

  5. ed hardy says:

    I really like this article and have enjoyed reading. Nice article, love the post.

  6. Veronica says:

    Ooh I love that area of Boston!

    Heeeey are those red Lillihammer booties from Modcloth?

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