Savers $50 Challenge

A few weeks ago I was invited by to take part in the Saver’s $50 Challenge. They sent me a $50 gift card to spend in their store and challenged me to create a fashionable outfit for fall. I’ve been thrifting and deal hunting my whole life. I knew this would be a easy challenge for me. Here is my Complete Savers outfit:

  1. Dress: AeropostaleĀ  $5.99
  2. Boots: Vintage Suede $6.99
  3. Belt: Emilo Pucci (yes…Pucci, as in $600 belts Pucci) $4.99
  4. Knee Highs: tags still attached from U.O. $1.99
  5. Purse: Vintage $3.99
  6. Necklace: Vintage silver statement piece $2.99
  7. Bangle Bracelets: assorted $3.99
  8. Silver & Turquoise Cuff: $2.99
  9. Puppy: Penny, did not come from Savers, but my local store lets her sit in my cart while I shop if she is quiet. They let Emma too, but Emma is never quiet.

Total: 33.92

Here’s where you come in:

Savers also gave me 10 gift cards to give away to my readers. I want to hear about your favorite Savers/Value Village finds.

Winners will be chosen from the comments!!


33 Responses to Savers $50 Challenge

  1. Shaunie says:

    I don’t even know where to begin…there’s the cheetah print bangle I got from the Hab…the denim waist cincher with the gold horseshoes from Dame…the fantastic wooden mouse head with gold ears and jeweled eyes I got from Artifaktori…I guess my fav would have to be what I wear most. I never even noticed it til now but I got a pair of brand spankin new red patent leather Jessica Simpson flats from second time around almost 2 years ago and I wear them almost everyday. And for some reason they were sellin em for $12. Suh-Weet

  2. sarah says:

    hiii.. ok so savers was right down the street from my high school so over those 4 years, going there so often i aquired MANY awesome finds… but one in particular, was a brand new pair of UGG slipper boots for $4.99, this particular style is not made anymore, but it is a slipper type boot with tread on the bottom so you can wear them outside. so I got these when i was about 17, I am now 23, and I STILL wear them almost everyday in the winter. They have outlasted many pairs of boots over the years, and even outlasted the time my boyfriend put them by the fire to dry and singed some of the fur (so mad).
    Alsooo.. some honorable mentions– new michael kors top at a church thrift store for a dollar, a large vera bradley tote at savers for $5, a vintage chanel scarf for 25 cents!

  3. Aleta says:

    Oh my god, it’s too funny that you mention this! I was at Savers just the other day and had an AMAZING find. I was looking for a Victorian-styled dress for some costume photos, and as I was walking through the dress aisle on my way to the dressing room I saw (!!) a beautiful peasant-style dress kinda sticking out. So naturally I grab it, and lo and behold I have stumbled upon a genuine Gunne Sax dress (in AMAZING condition, might I add) for just $7.99. Whoah!

    I entered the dressing room with all kinds of excitement welling up, thinking back to my teenage years of scouring thrift stores for an affordable Gunne Sax. And, I guess, several of my 20s years as well. Maybe even last year too. Anyway, I threw my potential costume dresses to the size in a mad fury for my new find. The Gunne Sax was a size 13 . . . which is normally huge on me, but thanks to vintage sizing would you believe it fit just like a size 4–just my size!

    I spent the ride home explaining to my fiance that Gunne Sax is like haute couture for girls like me who love vintage and tend to the hippie side of things, and even though he didn’t quite get it, I didn’t care. I was just happy to be so lucky a girl driving home in her new dress.

  4. Jenloveskev says:

    Savers is seriously the best thrift store ever- everything is sized and color organized. Its awesome.
    For my best friends bachelorette party I was bringing her to see The Awesome 80′s Prom in NYC. So of course I wanted to find the most ridiculous prom dresses ever for her and I to wear. I looked everywhere and couldnt find anything until I was at savers. I found this awesome tight black bodice dress with a heart shaped neckline with neon pink embrodery all over it. The the bottom half poofed out in this short but huge bubble skirt. The skirt was filled with crinoline so it was really full and fun. It was seriously the best dress ever. I also found my friend this tourqouise number that was rouched all up the bodice, with huge shoulder pads and this crazy jeweled embellished shoulded piece. Lets just say that night was one of my favorite and most fun nights ever! We took the train from long island into the city that night and walked all around Time Square all decked out in our 80′s gear. We had people asking if they could take our pictures!!

    You can always find something amazing at savers!!

  5. Jocelyne says:

    WOW you did amazing! Before I even read the belt was Pucci I was in love, it’s a stunning belt. I have a thing for belts and accessories so that is what I noticed first. The whole outfit is amazing, I would wear that in a heart beat!

    My my recent fave find has got to be the 1930′s dress I found at my local thrift (community thrift in SF). It is so delicate and beautiful. The bodice is this perfectly fitted v neck (great for my huge bust) the fabric is gorgeous silver/black metallic floral print with pastel accents and the bottom is a really soft and thick satin that hits about knee length. Mt favorite part is the drapey sleeves that are elbow length. It’s just stunning. I had to do some repair work on it, the top fabric is really delicate and therefore coming apart in some areas but nothing that a needle, tread and some light sewing by hard couldn’t fix. Now I just need to find a proper event to wear it to, maybe Savers to shop! :)

    Also, I have been wanting to do a clothing swap with another blogger, you seem to be about the same size as me, would you be interested in trading a few things via mail. I think it would be really fun! I have a etsy shop you can check out and see if you like my style. I also thought It might be fun to go thrifting for the other person, to choose things you think are their style. Let me know if you are interested!

  6. Lindsay says:

    the fact that you got that belt for 4.99 is absoloutly amazing

  7. Chona says:

    My favorite thrift store find happened about eight years ago in good ol’ Louisville, Kentucky. I was thrifting with my dear friend Clayton. We checked out the back of the store where they had all of their scarves. I grabbed a bunch and was ready to head out of the door when Clayton stopped and said, “Oh, I kind of like this one.” and he started messing with a bunch of the scarves that were hanging in front of it. I remember saying to him “Wow, you’ve got quite the eye. How did you see that one all the way in the back?” Literally, it was the last scarf and I could barely see it (maybe that’s also because it was on the highest rack and he’s 6’2″ and I’m 5’2″). We’re looking at it and I can immediately tell that there’s something special bout it. Unfortunately, I can’t look at the scarf in its entirety because there’s a price tag stapled to it so it’s folded and i didn’t want to mess with it if i wasn’t going to buy it.

    that’s when i noticed the design – brown, tan, cream – and saw that the design was the signature Fendi double F. I freaked out and looked at the price tag. 80 cents. 80 cents for a silk Fendi scarf.

    Clayton and I could barely control our giggles when the woman at the register scanned it and said “that’ll be 80 cent.”

  8. krista says:

    doc marten mary janes: 1.50
    cashmere soft 80s adidas tshirt: .50
    60s blue flower print (hawaiian-esque) fitted pencil skirt boatneck dress with low back which fit as though it was tailored just for me: 8.00
    i go in every single thrift store hoping for just a bit of the tingle in my ribcage that finding any one of those three items gave me.

  9. Renee says:

    One of my favorites is a light pink cotton/linen H&M blazer that I found at Upscale for like $5. The liner is super cute white w/ pink pinstripes- classic!!
    At another place I found a pair of purple snakeskin Stuart Weitzman pumps for $10.

    I seriously commend your success with this challenge!! I see Savers as having such potential, but I have yet to find anything when I go in there!! Maybe I have bad timing, or maybe I need to have a little more patience. You have inspired me to keep trying though!!!

  10. grace says:

    my favorite find of all time are vintage white clarks pumps with scalloped edges – in nearly new condition. they were 10 GBP, which isn’t an ideal thrift store price, but certainly a steal for the place – a vintage boutique at the camden lock in london. i got them nearly four years ago now and still make regular use of them.

    last year, i also envisioned an ideal, sturdy brown or tan leather shoulder bag. i almost bought one from urban outfitters, but then i recalled a classic coach leather bag that my mom had back in the late 90′s and realized that it was exactly what i had in mind. when i called my mom to ask if she still had the bag, she said that she had actually recently given it away. a few weeks later, i find a slightly smaller version of the same bag at a thrift store for $8. this was also a glorious find.

  11. christin says:

    easy question: all of my owl knick knacks! my apartment looks like a 70′s grandma’s but i’m fine with that.

    also my vintage yellow and black sundress. it’s got these great stripes and cute oversize buttons on the straps. i’ve had it since i was 15 and easily wear it once a week in warm weather.

  12. lei ann says:

    loooove your belt!!! even if it wasn’t pucci, it’s just gorgeous!

    my best thrift store find has still got to be the looked-like-new lord & taylor black wool coat i found at goodwills for $20. perfect lining & with me being so short…it fit perfectly even in the sleeves!

    i’ve never been to a savers! i would love to see if i could find my own $5 pucci belt treasure like you did :)

  13. pemora says:

    i am in LOVE with your belt….

    my best thrift store find was the weekend after bill blass passed away….i found an authentic bill blass scarf for 50 cents…i ADORE it.

  14. maggie d says:

    1. FOR SURE my above the knee red suede flat boots. milwaukee goodwill, cute little bows on the heels, to die for, and so incredibly special they only exit the closet once a year ON AVERAGE. seriously, i’m scared to take them out of their box [where they are wrapped - separately - in tissue paper to protect their beautiful-ness]
    2. BALLIN’ black and pink sunnies, with gold scalloped edges. $8 at a random antique market in Knoxville, TN
    3. coral/orange nine west pointy toed flats. $12. adorable.
    4. the vintage boots i’m bidding like a madwoman for on eBay. THEY. WILL. BE. MINE. [price to be determined...yikes]

    props on the Saver’s!! I went to my first one this summer, and it was great. have you ever seen a dig & save? its nothing but bins of clothes, purses, belts, etc, and everything is $1 / pound. swear to god. new gap pants, vintage romper, 80s clutch purses that make me want to go to prom all over again…

  15. Kate says:

    My favorites are all the household things I buy. I love getting vintage bedding and using them as curtains, or tucking them around my sofa cushions to change the look. Plus I’m just a sucker for old milky-white china vases and other kitchen items.

  16. Mary Anne says:

    One great find for me was the authentic Dior belt I found at Savers for $2.00. It is a classic black leather belt with sliver and says “Dior” in gold. It goes with everything!

  17. Jeanne says:

    Oh wow, where do I start?

    I have a great navy linen dress with a sailor collar (adorable! and from my local Savers!), purses, belts, shoes, cute jackets (from the boys’ section!), skirts, blouses…

    One of the last times I was at Savers, I saw a BCBG dress I’d purchased brand-new at a fancy boutique for a lot of money (I’d intended for it to be my prom dress, but I, uh, never went to prom) for $18 at Savers. I was stunned.

  18. shontelle says:

    Oh wow! Your outfit from Savers blew me away. And the Pucci belt! I found a Pucci purse thrifting once…and it even had the dustbag inside! I bought it for $2.99. YESSSS! Nothing compares to a good score at the thrift store–what a high. Over the years I have come to see that really I would rather dig and discover treasure then shop at a retail store and pay full price–even when I could afford it. Other finds: 2 pairs of new-in-package pink suede baby UGG boots, $1 each. A Patagonia black cashmere sweater for $2.99. An $8 large Japanese kokeshi doll I bought and re-sold on eBay for $137! Lots of Coach purses. Some Via Spiga red platform sandals with ankle ties that I wore this summer–they were only a few dollars. A Kate Spade basket-weave purse with dustbag inside. One of my other finds was a pair of pristine Gucci loafers–authentic! We are military and have moved 11 times in 14 years of marriage so I have been blessed to get a fresh dose of new thrift stores every few years. It has also saved my sanity when my husband is deployed. I have 3 kids and on the weekends when there is not much to do, I tend to want to shop. Many a Saturday we have piled in our car and headed to Savers to find “retail therapy” (without the guilt) when my husband was gone! As for the Gucci loafers–I found them while we were stationed in Anchorage, Alaska (Savers is called Value Village there!). The funny part about finding these shoes was the behavior I noticed in myself afterward. Like a dog who who continues to return to the bush where it saw a rabbit once, I continued to make a bee-line every week for the same rack where I found the loafers, even though, of course, no other Gucci shoes magically appeared in their same spot. I just couldn’t stop! See, I have a real Savers problem…and it’s one I don’t ever want fixed.

  19. elissa says:

    he he – SO not a challenge! But you look VERY cute!

    WARNING: Don’t bring that Pucci belt near me. My friend will fake a seizure, and when you are trying to give her first aid/CPR, I’ll grab n’ run.

    It’s this thing we do.

  20. carissa says:

    My love affair with Savers began a few years ago when a friend was having an 80′s party and I needed an outfit. Ever since I am a regular customer.
    My favorite find of all time would have to be the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress I found today for 12.99! I gasped with delight when I found it on the rack and giggled with delight while the cashier was ringing it up.
    I have also found a bunch of great purses there. Inlcuding a recent find of a bright pink alligator dooney and bourke bag and a vintage coach saddle bag.
    I am jealous of your pucci belt find as I am always looking for great accessories and love looking at the belts and scarves!

  21. Lindsey Reisack says:

    I love thrifting! These days I typically frequent Goodwill, Savers, and this really great thrift store down the street called Tiedmann’s Thfirt(they have an amazing vintage selection).

    I collect and sell vintage sunglasses sooo, I am constantly on the look out for vintage eyewear in mint condition. At one point I had over 100 pairs of vintage shades hanging around.. I had to do something… I became obsessed! I decided to cope with my addiction by selling them (ones I could part with) at a local vintage shop in Tempe, AZ. From vintage Gucci frames to Laura Biagiotti, I’ve found tons of awesome frames.

    I also love to put together cheap outfits on the fly. I’m
    constantly ‘stopping by’ thrift stores on my way home from work. It really is an addiction- Sometimes I feel like I need to lie about where I am because I don’t want to tell anyone I’m at the thrift store again, haha!

    I love to mix and match new with old- finding new treasures excites the hell out of me.

    Btw- great Pucci belt, that’s a freakin’ steal! That is why I return day after day. You never know what’s stashed in the depths of all that stuff!

    thanks for the oppurtunity to share with you:)


  22. Paige says:

    I wish I could remember all the great finds I’ve had thrifting – I’m a fan of the outlet, pay-per-pound shops these days, and I’ve found some ridiculous items. Fluevog shoes, a Ferragamo wallet, a vintage Ralph Lauren Western Wear jacket that manages to fit my boyfriend perfectly… these have all been within the last month, not to mention some great ringer/baseball t’s and on one trip, multiple items from American Apparel I refused to pay full price for (but since it was 1.39/pound, totally acceptable!)

    Nonclothingwise, my affection and absolute love for vintage tin state plates actually started at our local Savers (IE: Value Village), and is something that I’m always keeping an eagle eye out for. Owl statues, vintage decanters, fabric.. I love it all!

  23. MT says:

    WOW!!! who doesnt love thrifting.. im also one of its biggest fans…

    i really am in love with your metal belt and all those bracelets…

    vintage dress+belts+ boots: HOT


  24. Taylor says:

    Hello! I am doing a local zine and you always know about cool events in the area. The zine is due to come out on september 25 anything you know of that is happening form then on to november? Send anything you know of to my email!

  25. HeatherSkill says:

    You make me want to thrift allllll the time! NY fashion week meet-up?? :)

  26. Alice says:

    Hi Amy – You didn’t tell us about this? Did you give out all your gift cards? I went to Savers on Monday. Brand new Snowman outfit for Kylie and Red Sox Fleece PJ’s for Trevor. It is a great place. No flag stuff though. Will have to check out the Plymouth Store again. They have a Patriotic section. I even found NY Giants stuff there. Let us know when to watch you on TV again. Did they give you a date? Alice

  27. Brianne says:

    I love your finds and I love posts like these. Vicarious shopping is almost as good as real shopping.

    I found a gold clutch there a few years ago that I pretty much bring to every wedding/fancy event I go to. I think it was about $3

  28. Dyanna Pure says:

    RAD finds! Love the picnic basket handbag.

  29. azumi says:

    Perfect leather boots for under seven dollars, a silky cocktail dress with a chiffon inset in the skirt, and a ridiculous floor length pink velvet and satin alice in wonderland dress that I had shortened, with ruffles around the neck. But I like the jewelry in Savers in particular- they have an amazing selection of fake- and real stuff. My favorite pieces by far are a brass neckpiece, a long wooden necklace with beads and wooden animals hanging from it, and a small brass chain with tiny glass containers with different seeds inside.

  30. indiana says:

    I go to Savers every week. No joke! I just went hog wild at their 50% sale Monday.

    My most recent/ favorite find was a Kenneth Cole jacket with the $139 price tags still attached. I paid $7.50 and did a jig all the way out of the store!

  31. punky says:

    The winners are,MT, Jenloveskev, indiana, aleta, jeanne. Thanks for playing!!

  32. Danielle says:

    I can’t believe you got all that for $33!! So great! LOVE the bag :)

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