Snob Swap

Last week we hosted a small event called Snob Swap for our Boston press and blogger contacts in our office loby. The Closet was on hand passing out designer goodies to all the attendees. It was a cocktail hour like event with the option to swap two designer items with another blogger (a totally different format then our free for all events). We added some of the designer leftovers to the Swap Market, which now has an Iphone app which you can download here.

Some photos:

Boston Snob Swap

Boston Snob Swap


Boston Snob Swap

Boston Snob Swap

Boston Snob Swap

Boston Snob Swap

Photos by: Adam Towner


3 Responses to Snob Swap

  1. Emily says:

    So upset I couldn’t attend, looks like a fantastic event!

  2. Kristen says:

    Amy, what a great idea. I am so sorry I could not attend – can we do it again? Pretty please :)

  3. vintage mode says:

    what a pity I live in Switzerland ! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun ! would have loved to join that party. best wishes Marcel

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