So ugly, They are cute


Ever since I saw this picture of Sara Jessica in the new Sex in the City Movie, I’ve been lusting after the Extreme Dior Gladiator Platform. But with the price of them being so close to my mortgage payment owning them was totally out of the question. I did however find these two similar pairs. Which ones do you gals like best?




19 Responses to So ugly, They are cute

  1. THE ASOS ONES!!!! The thicker heel is nicer. I lovvvveee these all though.

  2. Hadar says:

    I think you should go for the Bakers’s ones, I liked those more than the ASOS :-)

  3. punky says:

    Ive never shopped at either of those stores. But the asos ones kinda look better made. Anyone ever shop there?

  4. Hayleyy says:

    the Bakers ones! so hot!

  5. Hayleyy says:

    the Bakers ones!! theyre SO cute!

  6. Poster Girl says:

    Yes, I have shopped at Bakers before. The quality can be questionable. In this case, I love both pairs, but I love the Bakers pair slightly more because of the higher heel and silver hardware. It’s a tough choice! Can’t wait to see them on you.

  7. MollyCake says:

    asos for sure. much nicer proportions.

  8. Jen says:

    I love the Baker’s. I think you should go for them! Carrie looks too cute for words in that photo.

  9. karla says:

    well speaking from personal experience, I tried on the bakers ones and the leather pieces didn’t quite accommodate to the shape of my foot as I would have liked them to. If that makes any sense haha

  10. Sarah says:

    I think the Bakers ones look amazing. I went to the site and was a little dissapointed they don’t ship outwith the states. I’ve shopped from ASOS before and sometimes they’re not as nice when they arrive. If they are made of leather though they should be fine. x

  11. punky says:

    I like the price of the bakers ones better and the others might be pricey to ship to the US.

  12. carissa says:

    I like the silver on the pair from Bakers. I agree that the quality of their shoes is questionable but I would lean towards these

  13. ok our taste is too similar these were going to be my next shoe purchase but the camel ones i love them

  14. punky says:

    You should post a link to a picture of you when you wear them, I would love to see them in camel.

  15. Daphné says:

    I have been obsessed with those shoes ever since I saw that picture of Carrie Bradshaw too!I really like the ones from Asos, they are gorgeous and really look like Carrie’s!

  16. MollyCake says:

    steve madden now has a pair that is better then both.

  17. punky says:

    Your right they are cute…but they are back ordered till the end of june and $110

  18. stylebayarea says:

    Definitely the Bakers. I love the silver studs, and the heel makes the shoe look more graceful. If you like those shoes, check out the website where I work,, you might find something you like!

  19. Sazza says:

    I absolutley LOVE the Bakers ones but I

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