I hope you can join Somerville Local First on June 12th for Somerfun a FREE street festival. They will have over 50 participating organizations from Local Retailers and Artisans to Farmers, Nonprofits and Artists.

Throughtout the event, SomerFun will have a neighborhood wide scavenger hunt, farming demonstrations, multi-cultural youth group dance and music and the best part (or maybe the second best part… because there will be beer gardens)…this is a fundraiser for SLF, and its free and open to the public.

P.S. The new Swapaholics and Shoestring Magazine offices are located in Somerville. Which I couldn’t be more excited about, I love Davis Sq.

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  1. Marie says:

    i’m supposing this is also in the boston area. i’d love to go, but i’m all the way out here in the west coast. boohoohoo. this sounds like a blast and right up my alley. i love these community arts events.

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