Stach Saturday

I’ve done absolutely nothing today, except eat bacon and draw mustaches on my photos. Come waste some more time with me on Tumblr.


8 Responses to Stach Saturday

  1. carolynn says:

    You are in desperate need of the Mustache on a Stick made by “somethings hiding in here”. I am a huge faux mustache fan myself and have a pic on my blog from a few posts ago showing my love.

  2. MissAmyShops says:

    you look great in a mustache! LOL Did you have the book Secondhand Chic on your wishlist? I think it was you but now I can’t remember for sure.

  3. These photos are adorable!
    Eating bacon and drawing moustaches sounds like a good day-plan.

  4. Anna Pope says:

    Aww, the puppy is adorable!!

  5. punky says:

    I think i had it on my birthday list…But kyle bought it for me, yes.

  6. Emily Anne says:

    Aww that puppy is so cute! Funny photos :)
    Would you like to exchange links? xoxo

  7. SOS! says:

    heheheh cute!

  8. Heather says:

    you’ve inspired me! this looks super fun :)

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