Street Style

Kyle and I

ld 002

0716 018

ld 005

0716 014

0716 010


4 Responses to Street Style

  1. Virginia says:

    Oh the entrance way to Lucky Dog! What show did you see? Great lighting! You take most of your pictures right? You are a great photographer :grin:


  2. punky says:

    Thanks hun, I do take all my pictures, I wish i had a better camera my sony cyber shot doesn’t always cut it.

    I’ve worked at the Lucky Dog for a few years. I bartender and host karaoke on Monday nights. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  3. Erica AP says:

    What a cute pic of you guys!! You look so happy! :)

  4. punky says:

    Thanks Erica.
    I made kyle take pictures with me because i got a new dress:cool::cool:

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