Stylish Boston

It’s no secret that Boston gets a bad rap for fashion…We’ve all heard the jokes about our Uggs and our Northface jackets (in fact I think I made some of  those jokes…oops). Well the times are changing, my two new favorite style bloggers are from The Hub and making quite the name for themselves.

Sophia at Phosphene:


and Kennedy from Lay me in some tall grass:


Look out fashion world…Boston is killing it!

If you are looking to meet some more fashionable bloggers you should attend out Blogger Meet up.


12 Responses to Stylish Boston

  1. Oh man, you haven’t seen Uggs and Northface until you come to Alaska. I swear, people wear nothing but.

  2. Lucy Loo says:

    Boston rules, lived there on school exchange for a year, miss it like crazy :(

  3. Dani says:

    I have definitely been seeing less Northface/Uggs/Sox hat combos this season. Maybe it’s a case of selective vision (only noticing the outfits I actually like…), but I think Boston is becoming ever so slightly more fashion conscious!

  4. Diana says:

    Thanks for letting us know about these. I’ll be adding them to my Google Reader.

  5. Jaime says:

    Oh I must check their blogs out and show some Boston support! :)

  6. Wanda says:

    I think uggs are everywhere not just Boston so don’t feel bad, NYC has them floating around everywhere. Make fashion your own has always been my thoughts. :)

  7. kennedy says:

    YES! i am so excited about a boston blogger meetup! this totally rules and ps: so do YOU.

  8. Amy says:

    I don’t understand why we get such a bad rep… I see so many fashionable people on a daily basis.. and read so many amazing blog for fellow Bostonians. Other must not be looking in the right places. LOL

    Love Sophia and Kennedy’s blogs- they both have such a wonderful style and flair about them…just like you!


    P.S. Can’t wait for the Boston Blogger Mixer!

  9. Ebonni says:

    Was not aware of the apparent style coming out of Boston. I have so been taught. On “No Bull”, writer Janette Clark, discusses the point of view of a person’s style. What are your thoughts?

  10. sophia says:

    ooh thanks for the mention! i checked out kennedy’s blog and i’m surprised i haven’t stopped by until now. so many amazing boston bloggers out there. it warms my heart and makes me feel less alone in this city! :)

  11. CALICO says:

    The BEST is when Boston people believe they are LA people and pair their Northface with some flip flops in Janaury.

    Thanks for this reassuring post! LOL

  12. I don’t think Boston gets a bad rap for fashion and the picture here looks great especially the picture of Sophia. The hair style looks great with the scarf and the bag. Thanks for sharing idea with us. Merry christmas and happy new year.

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