Swap Lulus Texas

This blog has become the behind the scenes of whatever im posting over at The Swapaholic’s blog. But, I have a feeling this will quickly change after it gets it’s facelift that JSGD is working on! For now, these are my favorite moments from our trip to Texas as sponsors of the Texas Style Council Conference. Bazinga!

photo 1

Trying to stuff all our luggage in our Chevy Sonic (BTW That car was a SXSW life saver. Thank you Chevy)!

photo 2

First stop…food trucks!

Austin Goodwill

We would never miss a Thank Goodwill it’s Friday.

Austin Goodwill

Jen and Julie hanging out at Goodwill
TXSC Swap 11

Our Swaplulus event was a huge hit!

TXSC Swap 13

Elissa talking to a production crew.

TXSC Swap 28

TXSC Swap 31

TXSC Day 1 9

Indiana, me, Melissa, Jessie
TXSC Party 11

Julie and I

TXSC Party 10

Kendi, Jen, Me and Merl


Adam and I


Indi and I

TXSC Party 19

Airstream Photobooth.

TXSC Party 23


TXSC Party 21

TXSC Party 11


Like this photo…the weekend was kinda a blur, but my favorite part was the down time that we got to spend with our friends and Indiana’s sweet family.

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