Swap Market

swap market

The new Swap.com Market is finally here, and you can now turn anything you have into anything you’ve ever wanted!

Swap that sundress that you no longer love for that perfect pair of neon pumps or a gently used purse for a Groupon deal to your favorite Karaoke lounge. We built this site and the app to connect swappers around the world!

My earliest memories of swapping were my childhood Sundays at my grandmothers house. Every Sunday my aunts would bring clothes that didn’t fit them or their children anymore and they would swap them over a cup of tea. I never thought of what they were doing as Swapping, but fast forward 25 years and I’m help build an iphone app to recreate those sundays.

If you like the idea of swapping, but dont know where to start, I made a list of fashionable bloggers that I love to swap with. Just click the name and follow them (bloggers if I missed you, send me your screen name).


2 Responses to Swap Market

  1. Whitney says:

    I am SO excited about this!

  2. I wanna swap too! -redbird

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