The Dogs of Haberdash

Yesterday was the first SOWA Open Market of the season for our Mobile Shop. It was so nice to see all our Boston friends and their pups out and about enjoying the nice weather! There is something about the Haberdash that dogs love, maybe they think it is a glamourous dog house for them? I thought it would be cute to document all our puppy visitors for our Facebook page. Here are some of my favorites!

Haberdash Mobile Shop
The Dogs of Haberdash:
Haberdash Mobile Shop
Haberdash Mobile Shop
Haberdash Mobile Shop
Haberdash Mobile Shop
Haberdash Mobile Shop

I hope we will see you and your pups sometime this season! Our event dates are:
Worcester’s StART on the Street: June 3rd, September 16th
Boston’s SOWA Market: June 24th, July 8th, September 2nd, October 14th

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  1. sami says:

    LOVE IT~ i recognize some of those pups! do you think my kitty would like it?


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