The Hab is Boston Bound


This Sunday Haberdash makes its first trip in to Boston.

Join the shops at South Street this Sunday July 26th for a Block Party and BBQ on the mall, Art, Music, Icy Treats and summer Refreshments, provided up and down the street.

Haberdash, will be parked at 68 South Street Sunday afternoon. If you like Dame, if you like 40 South, then you will have more vintage on a two block stretch for one afternoon than you could possibly ever hope for.

Ferris Wheels and The Hallway will be BBQing on the Mall, while summer refreshments and specials will be offered up and down the street: Ginger Lemonade punch at Dame, Icy Treats next door at McCormack and Scanlon. The Hallway will be serving up music and showing fantastic art for your Sunday stroll.

And secret spy specials are sure to be had at 40 South, Yesteryear, Petal and Leaf, Dame and other South Street shops. You’ll have to stop by to find out.

Then head on over to Salmagundi for the perfect end to your afternoon I hear that they’ve got something fun going on


2 Responses to The Hab is Boston Bound

  1. Andrew says:

    Not to be a dink, but I don’t see an address for this. Is this South Street in JP? A specific address would be helpful :)

  2. punky says:

    68 South, it’s on there Mr. T.

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