“The Pink Sheep Of the Family”

This Vintage belt will hopefully be in my mailbox in time for Fashion Week. I haven’t decided what to wear yet. But I promise it will be all a vintage, I have to represent the Haberdash.

So who going to NYFW and how tragic is this McQueen thing?


8 Responses to “The Pink Sheep Of the Family”

  1. Hilary says:

    what a belt!

    & that is sad.
    did you ever get the picture I emailed you?
    it was of a McQueen knuckle ring.

  2. punky says:

    i didnt get it. sad face

  3. pemora says:

    that belt is rad!

    and this mcqueen thing is really really tragic. i’m just…shocked….


  4. Miss Neira says:

    So jealous! cant wait to see this on you!

  5. Silmi Sabila says:

    This belt is overrated

  6. Hilary says:

    aw man i emailed it months ago!!
    i’ll have to try again..

  7. kimvee says:

    oooo you were able to go to NYFW! LUCKY! :D


  8. Amy says:

    That is the GREATEST belt I have ever seen!!! Hope you had an amazing time in NYC!

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