I have this silly little tradition, I think it stemmed from buying school clothes as a kid. But now as a adult when every time I get a new job I like to buy myself a “new job gift”. In 2003 when I started credit managing¬† I bought the original Lamb bag for Lesportsac. Then in 2005 when I got a bartending gig at the rock club I loved I bought myself those obnoxious logo Chanel sunglasses. But anywho, the other day while I was on Newbury street (hint hint) for some top secret Blogger Meet Up business, I popped in to The Closet for a visit. While shopping I got a email from Kyle telling me was ready. Which technically meant I have a new job and need a new job gift. So I left The Closet in my new Rick Owens sweater coat.

Now that I blabbed your ear off…the reason for this post is to show you this: Asymmetrical Hoodie from Blackmarketbaby. It’s very similar to the Rick Owens coat I bought, but its from a indie designer in Montreal. Thanks Jennine for posting about them.



3 Responses to Traditions

  1. Jaime says:

    I do that too! I bought my Tory Burch flats when I got my first job out of school 2 years ago. Now I am looking for a new job, and when I get it, I am buying Frye boots! :) Love the jacket too.


  2. kyle says: designer in Montreal. .. weird. Something else that’s strange is I haven’t gotten my “jobs done gift” :p

  3. Rae says:

    I got something similar to this too! i brought it on ebay for 12 dollars :)

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