TXSC Recap

We are back from Texas with over 700 new photos to show you and where do I start…Instagram of course! This was my weekend in Instagram:

The "worldwide helium shortage" is no laughing matter! #txsc
We learned about a Worldwide Helium Shortage.

kinda proud of this display! #txsc #sxsw #swaplulus
Made a wall of totes.

Texas loves swapping! #txsc
Hosted a super successful clothing swap with Lulus.com

It was our first photobooth... Oops
Found a photobooth in a VW Van.

Making rainbows at @austingoodwill! #txsc #sxsw
Took it upon myself to brighten up Austin Goodwill.

It's nice having the night off! #txsc
Spent time catching up with adorable ladies.

Airstream photobooths makes me miss @thehaberdash
Fell even more in love with trailers.

What I'm wearing today at #txsc
Wore a dress, even though, I wanted to wear pajamas.

@ticktockvintage and @orchidgrey panel! #txsc
Watched panel after panel of cute bloggers.

Greetings from Austin. I
And found the “Post Card” wall.

The real recap will be up tomorrow!

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  1. Kyla says:

    Gah! I miss everyone so much! I loved getting to hang out with you a little more this year and hope we get to meet again before next year. PA swap!!!!

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